Top Lineage 2 servers


Server name Game version Rates Opening date Interlude x20 2017/07/14 European Union Interlude+ x50000 Today Russian Federation
L2HELIOS.NET High Five x1500 2017/07/01 Russian Federation Interlude x9999 2017/07/08 France

already opened

Server name Game version Rates Opening date Interlude x75 2017/03/24 Russian Federation Interlude x1000 2017/06/21 Russian Federation High Five x50 2017/05/26 Russian Federation Interlude x100 2017/04/07 Canada Classic x3 2015/10/24 European Union [PTS] Gracia Final x50 2009/08/28 Canada High Five x20 2017/06/24 Russian Federation High Five x5000 2017/06/24 Russian Federation Interlude x10 2017/06/24 Russian Federation Interlude x10000 2017/06/23 Germany Interlude+ x300 2017/06/22 Russian Federation Epilogue x50 2017/06/20 Russian Federation Epilogue x1200 2017/06/20 Russian Federation Interlude x1200 2017/06/16 Russian Federation Classic x3 2017/06/16 Russian Federation High Five x10 2017/06/12 Russian Federation
L2ORIGINAL.COM High Five x20000 2017/06/11 Russian Federation High Five x1200 2017/06/10 Russian Federation Interlude x75 2017/06/03 Canada High Five x50 2017/06/03 Russian Federation


So today we’re going to dive into 10 cheat programs for L2 game that can help in simplifying the game process.
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Lineage 2 Life Hacks

Good whatever time of the day it is, today we’d like to tell you about Lineage 2 eight life hacks and the good ones. These bugs will suit most top servers of L2.
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About Lineage 2 Classic

Lineage, this word raises a strong emotion in the heart of each player. One can safely say that this MMORPG previously was and now still remains extremely popular game in the CIS. There are of course even elder representatives of this genre like Ultima Online or Russian game Sphere, but it is L2 that made the mass craz...
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opened yesterday

Server name Game version Rates Interlude+ x50000

opened recently

Server name Game version Rates High Five x20 High Five x5000 Interlude x10 Interlude x10000 Interlude+ x300


Server name Game version Rates Interlude x20 High Five x10 High Five x50 Interlude x50 Interlude x1200