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VIP, TOP, PREMIUM status automatic purchase for your server.

VIP, TOP, PREMIUM status purchase is possible only if the server is added. add server

Discount system!

Discount system! All your orders are summarized. Save up to 20% discount on all services! The discount is valid for your Email.

  • 14 eur - 1%
  • 43 eur - 3%
  • 71 eur - 5%
  • 143 eur - 7%
  • 286 eur - 10%
  • 429 eur - 15%
  • 714 eur - 20%

The purchase of advertising place

Advertising materials


Advertising examples

TOP VIP status. Server is placed in a special Top server block in the site header.

x50 - Interlude
10 days - from 11 eur.
30 days - from 23 eur.

VIP status. Bold red color accentuation of your server and fixing it at the top of the server list in the first places.

Sample: Hight Five x3 2016/05/27
10 days - from 0 eur.
30 days - from 14 eur.

It is also possible to fix your server in the first five positions of VIP list.

1 place (per day) - from 1.4 eur.
2 place (per day) - from 1.1 eur.
3 place (per day) - from 1 eur.
4 place (per day) - from 0.9 eur.
5 place (per day) - from 0.7 eur.

The presence of VIP status is mandatory.

Premium status. Bold blue color accentuation of your server in the general server list, making it more visible and is guaranteed to increase clickable.

Sample: Hight Five x3 2016/05/27
10 days - from 4 eur.
30 days - from 7 eur.

Side wallpaper. Our site is literally under your design sketches. Large graphic banners on the left and right of the whole area.

Price per banner:
10 days - from 36 eur.
30 days - from 71 eur.

Advertising status. Date of appearing advertising free place.

Side wallpaper

Position Valid until
Left Free place
Right Free place

Already opened VIP

1 Server name Valid until
1 Free place
2 Free place
3 Free place
4 Free place
5 Free place

Top servers list

1 Server name Valid until
1 Free place
2 Free place
3 Free place
4 Free place
VIP, TOP, PREMIUM status appears immediately after a successful payment. For any support and buying questions: mmo24info
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