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2016-05-16 19:15:04

Lineage, this word raises a strong emotion in the heart of each player. One can safely say that this MMORPG previously was and now still remains extremely popular game in the CIS. There are of course even elder representatives of this genre like Ultima Online or Russian game Sphere, but it is L2 that made the mass crazy about the MMORPG.

Notably, at the very beginning most of the players chose rather bootlegs, and this is no wonder because we had to wait for the official startup a bit longer than in the West, where it happened in 2004. There were of course Euro worlds, but most players didn’t like them.

In 2008 Innova Company started the servers in Russian and our players rushed to probe them. Let us see why Lineage2 became so popular. Firstly, the game was notable for its high quality graphics, which was of the most advanced level, the characters and monsters models were scrutinous drawn in, surroundings gratified even at medium settings. Architecture of towns and the landscapes had their own incomparable zest. Even now we can see new projects which visually are worse than L2. The skill effects in the animation line look harmonically, so even after a long struggle you would not get the feeling of becoming an epileptic.

In the first years after startup, graphics of such a high level was a novelty for MMORPG and some attached fans specially upgraded their computers for Lineage. Now of course there is no need for such measures and the high quality of graphics remains at any rate.

So if the first impression of the game is its graphics, the next important factor is its gameplay, where L2 is also perfect.

During the first chronicles the life in Aden was not only interesting and fascinating, but dangerous at the same time. It was possible to struggle everywhere in spite of towns and this rendered a special touch to the game. The wites for the death especially on the high levels sapped the soul of even very true optimist. Besides, after destruction the character lost his experience and the part of implements. When dying PK guaranteed lost some of acquired property.

Needless to say that there are all these features in L2 classic, the life here is difficult and cruel, the price of mistake is high and you get nothing for nothing. And that is why it is more pleasant to win and snicker at the enemy, who came to kill you and went away defeated. Lineage was always focused on PvP, it was necessary to struggle at all times and in all places, sometimes not by choice, like places to level or to spoil, boss or fortress siege. In the latter case happened the cruelest battles, in which took part several hundred people from each opponent side. There is nothing of that kind in new games. The classical epoch of first chronicles in particular showed what the real online war is. And these battles are not just blunt keystrokes but the ability to react and develop strategies.

The plenty of classes are instrumental in PvP interest, for example, one and the same archer has different specifications in various races. Due to this, you can forget about drab PvP.

There are 31 classes in L2.

One more reason of L2 popularity is the realistic economical system, the money was raked out and there was always something to lash them out on. The sharpening demand big money, and far from everybody could create ammunition and attack booster.

In classical times only goblins could craft and get recourses, so you had to fix relationship with them. The second line – a party game and this is the next advantage as various social relations reduce long grind. Without friendship with goblins here is nothing to do, in other case you should wear tatters and envy the others.

The most important reason of Lineage popularity is the closeness to the Russian soul. Behind the deceptive simplicity there is incredible latitude, and the matter is not only in the gameplay, but in the opportunity to become who you like. It is possible in the world where each achievement is not a cherry pie, but the result of hard effort, in the world where the enemies are truly hated, and the communication with friends continues even after the game exit.

We do not just simply played L2, we lived our own small magic story. Each new addition changed a bit our world, which we saw at the very beginning, but old-timers as well as first-timers can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of this world once more.

That is all, stay with us and you will always find the latest previews of new lineage 2 servers and will be abreast of current news about MMORPG game world.

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