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Lineage 2 Life Hacks

2016-05-25 16:28:16

Good whatever time of the day it is, today we’d like to tell you about Lineage 2 eight life hacks and the good ones. These bugs will suit most top servers of L2.

The first thing we’ll speak about is a long-lasting and boring downloading process and the ways of speeding it up. Somebody prefers to waste 6-8 hours per day on the line, the others don’t have such an opportunity, so they choose riskier variant, using the bots. The most popular and widely used are the following bots – adrenalin, l2walker, l2tower. Particularly they are actively used on servers with high online percentage.

The second life hack will be useful on PvP servers with high rates. As you already know, administrators tend to place a low chance on weapon enchantment in order the players waste more time on this process. Here the program L2.Day rescues. It gives an opportunity to customize the optimal conditions for weapon enchantment and go to sleep, while the program will switch off the computer when the item reaches the necessary level of enchantment.

The third life hack does for people who wish to succeed on low PvP servers in a fast way. The character’s upgrade is quick enough, but the problems with clothing, weapon enchantment and hosting can happen. In a few hours you can get the maximum level but without clothing and hosting. Now it is a high time to take quest on points and go to Pagan. Items fall down quickly enough and the result makes you feel good. A little piece of advice – don’t be in a hurry to kill the mobs, you need only guards, because they have zero safety, and the items also fall down fast.

The fourth life hack is for those who get the ban because of hardware. It is quite easy to scrub the protection of L2 servers where Lame Guard is installed round; all you need is just to change two files: ogg.dll and mdnsnsp.dll, which are situated in a folder with the line.

The fifth good one will be suitable for many players. How to identify what kind of server creation do you have? Each of them has its own peculiarities which can be quickly singled out; in order to do this we should enter one word, that is - .menu.

  • The time of disconnection is clearly seen in Pain-team creation
  • PwSoft is easily differs by dark green print
  • Scoria can be determined by menu, where you can change your own rates
  • As for Lovely and lucera 2, they include the bugs, so if you make teleport to the elf village and find Geraldine, he will speak strange language for you.

The sixth point concerns Scoria. It has one bug: there is a fortress on the territory of the Stakato Nest, near the fortress the NPC is standing and if you open the first line of dialog window, you will see an interesting multisell, where you can meet the banks, arrows, items for farmers and their price would not depend on the server. Some of the items purchase price will be lower than selling price. Here is a small dupe. But its overuse can result in a fix.

Number seven. If you are bored with an old line, you can add new locations – Air town of Gracia, Fantasy Isle, Hellbound, Underground from the Lindvior chronicle and many other places. Everything is installed on client level and all the changes are visible only for you. These renewals are easily found on the Internet.

The eighth life hack is suitable for those who are going to play solo part or together with friends without any restrictions. L2offline program can help you to solve this problem. It is necessary just to download it from the net, change l2.ini in system folder, make several clicks and you are ready to play. There is an emulator of this kind for various chronicles of Lineage 2.

That is all, follow our renewals and you find the best and most live information about L2, as well as the up-to-date review of new lineage 2 servers. Hope, you enjoyed this article!

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