Top Lineage 2 servers


2016-05-25 16:35:23

So today we’re going to dive into 10 cheat programs for L2 game that can help in simplifying the game process.

Artmoney and Cheat Engine are two siblings that were primarily announced as programs for editing numerical values and uncapable of hacking online games. They have a memory editor though, and you can change hex options using them. Besides, simply editing a value in an online game won’t do you well, but an online game client can send data packages, so you can change the package memory in order to send a package needed.

L2 Brute and Web Brute Forcer are affiliate programs too, L2 Brute is for server brute force, while Web Brute Forcer is for website brute force.

CFF Explorer is one of the eldest programs, it is used for deleting unnecessary .dll files and implementing ones that are needed. Like for PHX protection, CFF Explorer can open the L2.exe or L2.bin and find a file that prevents the packager from running.

A memory editor gained popularity only recently when some user accidentally posted it to free-charge section. Gamers soon realized it is possible to send packages not only by hacking them, but also by client memory editing.

L2 PHX is a versatile program for packages analyzing and modifying. In case you didn’t know packages are not cheats or hacks, they are a mean of client-server communication. The data are encrypted but can be presented in readable form by a program.

Process Hacker and Process Explorer are powerful and multifunctional task, processes and services managers with an open source code. Both offer a wide range of options.

Proxifier and virtual machine are a proxyfier for IP-address changing, virtual machine helps to outcome the window limits. Together they make a powerful tool for outcoming the L2 servers.

Window Renamer – there are two of them, the first is for changing the program name, the second is for description editing. They are very simple but can help in running the cheating sofrware.

Autoclickers – which can be found here and there on the Internet. Some of them are versatile enough to suit not only for Lineage, and some have bben created for L2 like the L2.DAY.

Interface is a client modification with does all the dirty work. It has a huge range of options including weapon modificating, skills upgrading, auto assisting and so on. Protection system usually cannot tell if a program is built in the client.

We also haven’t mentioned the adrenaline bot which deserves a special review.


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